Clash Royale Refreshed 2019 | The Best Tips to Start Getting More Wins

Tips for beginners:

Always try to balance mix among your units. You don’t have just to take strong units (which, by the way, cost a lot of elixirs), but also try to include some weaker ones too, preferably, the ones that regenerate quickly, as well.

Don’t panic if your opponent puts you under a lot of pressure, or if you lose a tower. You might lose if you act hastily.

When there’s only one minute left, don’t put all your units forward. You might want to pay attention to the fact that towers and the King’s Tower are protected.

First, you might want to use giant and ranged troops. Then keep doing it, until the first tower is yours. Then, go on the defensive and just wait to see what the opponent wants to do and what are his next moves.

The player sends a force that can deal with a lot, and then use the price. Then, keep using this tactic until the enemy is defeated.

Clash Royale Tips To Master The Game:

First, you should always shuffle your deck of cards during each battle to make sure you have several attacking and defending troops. In combat, you can employ long-range weapons, ground troops, and tank-like vehicles to destroy enemies’ towers and win the game.

Also, to maximize the damaging effect of your troops, you must play your cards in pairs. That means you have to adopt strategic thinking. For example, you can play a Giant card first, as the Giant can take several hits, and then to throw a ground troops card in the game.

As Clash Royale is a strategy game, timing your attacks is mandatory to ensure your victory. So, since the game is providing strategic opportunities to help gamers improve their attacks, in the last 60 seconds of the match, Clash Royale offers up double elixir.


Accordingly, would be smart to time your attacks in the final minute of the battle.

Clash Royale Tips:

Wombo Combos Cards
The first tip that all Clash Royale players need to learn in their journey towards getting better is how and when to play certain cards. Even though throwing all cards inside the arena might seem like the right thing to do at first, this is not the case. The best way to play the game is to look for wombo combos (cards that go well together) and take your opponents by surprise.

Learn from the Top Players
The competitive ladder is what makes Clash Royale such a fun game to play. However, the competitive ladder is also a great place to scout the top players and check out how they like to play. Spending a couple of minutes to watch how a pro player gets his wins in Clash Royale is a smart way to learn the game better.

Be Ready for Everything
The last tip that we are going to leave you with is also the most important. All Clash Royale players need to learn how to be prepared for everything that could happen in the arena. Therefore, having a mixed deck that can deal with any type of situations is the smart thing to do.

Notwithstanding, it’s imperative to watch out for the mixture as it is the main resource that enables gamers to play the correct number of cards to guarantee their triumph. Here are a few Clash Royale tips to ace the diversion.

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