Roblox BUBBLE GUM Simulator Flavour Codes – Free Candy, Gems & Egg Codes

Roblox Bubble Gum Simulator got another refresh that additional a huge amount of new highlights, including new eggs, another world, premium pets and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. While the refresh has a lot of shocks to keep players occupied, for new players, the underlying procedure of social event coins and other money to purchase different overhauls might be to some degree overwhelming. So as to enable you to get a leg up in the amusement, the devs have dropped various extraordinary codes that players can use in Bubble Gum Simulator to get free coins, jewels, eggs and other important things in the diversion. Beneath we’ve assembled a rundown of all the right now working codes just as data about everything that January 6, Update 9 includes.

Air pocket Gum Simulator is a diversion/test system made by Runway Rumble, a famous improvement bunch that made various other well known amusements, for example, Mining Simulator. The fundamental thought is to blow bubble gum until your ‘pack’ is full and pitch your plunder to get coins. You can redesign your sack in the “Gum” tab in the shop menu, and you can update how much air pocket gum you get for clicking in the “Flavors” tab.

Air pocket Gum Simulator Codes: All Working Codes (January 2019)

Here are all the working Roblox Bubble Gum test system codes for January 2019

Free Candy Codes

  • Sweet – give 1,000 Candy
  • Christmas – gives 5,000 Candy Canes
  • CandyCanes – gives 100 Candy Canes
  • Blue Crew – 5,000 Candy Canes
  • Twiisted – 5,000 Candy Canes
  • SuperGems – 100 Candy Canes
  • LotsofGems – 25 Candy Canes
  • Free Coin Codes Candy Canes

Free Gem Codes

  • Roblox ‘Magnet Simulator’ Money Codes
  • SuperCoins – 1,000 Gem
  • FreeCoins – 150 Gem
  • Tofuu – 5,000 Gem
  • Minime – 2,500 Gem

Free Egg Codes

  • Spotted – get a free Spotted Egg
  • TwitterRelease – get a free Twitter Egg
  • Sircfenner – get a free Spotted Egg
  • TwitchRelease – get a free Twitch Kitty Egg
  • Golemite – get a free Twitch Golem Egg
  • 3 New Candy Eggs


Bubble Gum

Gum can be purchased in the typical and Space shop and goes about as a sack for your air pockets.

  • Typical Shop
  • Typical Shop
  • Gum Name Capacity Price
  • Typical Gum 25 0 Coins
  • Stretchy Gum 45 175 Coins
  • Additional Stretchy Gum 100 400 Coins
  • Chewy Gum 170 900 Coins
  • Additional Chewy Gum 250 1.20K Coins
  • VIP Gum 1.00K 349R$
  • Epic Gum 300 2.20K Coins
  • Super Gum 550 4.50K Coins
  • Super Gum 1.00K 8.35K Coins
  • Omega Gum 1.75K 12.32K Coins
  • Incredible Gum 2.25K 16.75K Coins
  • Beast Gum 3.50K 25.50K Coins
  • Ultra Gum 5.50K 35.50K Coins
  • Quantum Gum Infinite 699k


Flavors can be purchased from the two shops. They are utilized to overhaul the measure of air pockets you get for clicking.

  • Ordinary Shop
  • Ordinary Shop
  • Name Bubbles Price
  • Air pocket Gum +1 0 Coins
  • Blueberry +2 175 Coins
  • Pizza +4 500 Coins
  • Cherry +6 1.60K Coins
  • Donut +10 3.20K Coins
  • VIP Flavour +16 349R$
  • Chocolate +15 5.40K Coins
  • Watermelon +22 10.20K Coins
  • Contrast +30 17.50K Coins
  • Gold +35 22.50K Coins
  • Lemon +42 31.00K Coins
  • Swirl +50 44.00K Coins

Air pocket Gum Simulator! Gather coins to purchase better Bubble Gum and Flavors. The greater your air pocket, the higher you can bounce into the mists! Bring forth charming pets from eggs to help you along your adventure!

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